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LexQuest is a Research and Educational Organisation, functioning in the field of law and public policy, seeking active participation from people from across the globe.

As the interface between law and policy is often misconstrued or only understood in fractional terms, LexQuest seeks to facilitate this space by engaging with the citizenry, comprising the students, the working class, the change-makers, the benefactors and the facilitators of the system by deliberating on ideas, dispensing knowledge, seeking solutions and thereby creating opportunities for everyone. We also believe that any policy can only come to fruition, when laws are in place for the same. Therefore it’s not that “good policy” alone can define the interlink between law and policy, because our most effective policies along with the most ill-conceived ones, originate only through our laws.

At LexQuest, we assert that people are duty bound to understand, analyse and question the policies that serve as a crucial medium for us to assess the legislators’ intentions and abilities. This is where we want to endorse the role of good policy research, which aids knowledge, enables the masses to think better, equips them to pose the right questions and therefore enhances the scope of informed choices. This inevitably means, that we need good research in order to enrich our knowledge base thereby bridging the knowledge gap created by our inequitable system of education.

In this regard, being well aware with the crucial role played by law in the social sector of an ever growing economy and polity like India, through our Research Internship Programme, we set out to encourage and empower the student community, by assessing and sharpening their legal and policy research skills. At the same time, keeping in line with our eternal commitment to bridge the knowledge gap, we continually strive to serve as the people’s knowledge partner, bringing regular insights on various law and public policy issues, through our well-researched and educative articles, thoughts, writings of and interactions with eminent members of the civil society, students, professionals and proactive members of the citizenry.

Through our venture, LexQuest Academy, we intend to further facilitate the learning curve, through a range of Distance Learning Certificate Courses. These well-researched courses, presented in a concise and intelligible format, along with aiding anyone’s efforts to master the contemporary concepts of Law & Public Policy, will also provide an edge to their knowledge base

Through our various events, we intend to reach out to the masses, in order to acknowledge and share their insights so that together, we can find solutions to some of the most pressing issues, that we, as Legal Systems, Democracies and Countries, face today.

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