Interview: Assistant Professor, CNLU, Patna

Interviewer: Shreya Shikha, Campus Ambassador, LexQuest.

Name: Mr Peter Ladis F

Name of the Organization: Chanakya National Law University, Patna

Designation: Assistant Professor of Law

Since how long have you been in this profession?

Answer: Six years and six months. 

How does one grow in this noble profession?

Answer: It keeps me updated every year and every semester. Contributing to nation building by imparting legal education to the next generation.

What’s the best part of your work that keeps you going?

Answer: Successful delivery of a lecture.

What according to you should be the prime concern for Law Students who are new to the Law School?

Answer: Empower yourself with the legal system of India and that of other countries. Strict adherence to professional discipline and Indian cultural values although these are not part of the curriculum.

What would you suggest for the Law Students who are graduating?

Answer: Be honest to your profession. Be such an Indian that the whole country feels proud of you.

How much importance should a Law Student give to Mooting, Publication and Internships?

Answer: These are secondary. Prime most importance is to be given to the subjects which are taught and research on related subjects.

According to you what is the greatest strength of a teacher?

Answer: Self discipline to discipline the disciples.

What is your idea of an ideal learning environment inside as well as outside the classroom?

Answer: Inside the classroom, learning should be done with utmost discipline. Outside the classroom, learning should be like friends discussing matters in the canteen or under a tree.