Endorsing Partisan Agenda in disguise of Public Awareness?

By Anaida Kuthiala, Army Institute of Law, Mohali.

The grundnorm of India provides for the constitution of a public fund known as the Consolidated Fund of India1 meant for setting off the expenditure incurred by the government. In the largest democracy of the world, the law requires that there is no arbitrary use, misuse or ‘disguised use’ of the public funds. The state cannot abandon this principle and use the public funds for furthering its own ulterior motives by using such funds for publicising the members of its party, its achievements and glorifying its accomplishments. Although prima facie, these full page advertisements published through the print media and other repetitive advertisements publicised through other media is alleged to inform and apprise the public, they rather aim at glorifying the achievements of the political parties so as to canvass a large number of votes. In other words, the political party is given the freedom to publicise its agendas free of cost for themselves, but at the cost of the public funds. (more…)