Gandhi’s Harijans: The Misunderstood Sect

By Anmol Kaur Bawa, Symbiosis Law College, Pune.


The term “harijan” is not Gandhi’s coinage. The name was suggested by several untouchable correspondents who contended the usage of the word “asprishya” meaning literally “untouchable” in the pages of “Navjivan”.  Harijan means “man of god”. All the religions of the world describe God pre-eminently as the friend of the friendless, help of the helpless and protector of the weak; hence the word aptly demystifies the condition of the untouchables in India as the most helpless, weak and friendless men in the society and according to Gandhi, they belong to the community of untouchables. (more…)

Contradiction of Reservations under the Indian Constitution

By Jhalak Nandwani, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar.

Indian Constitution gives us the right of equality, and the freedom to exercise this right. However, in today’s time, one of the major hindrances to this equality is the Reservation System. This reservation system was worked on, at the time of the drafting of our Constitution, and it was decided that the system will be followed for an initial period of 10 years, to help the backward classes and provide them with adequate opportunities for their development in all spheres of life. But several extensions of this 10 year period have since been made, and the reservation system is still in existence! (more…)