Child Beggary in India

By Trishala Sanyal, AKK New Law Academy.


Arpita Khan’s wedding was very much in news as she is the adopted sister of the famous Bollywood Thespian, Salman Khan. Little did people know about her being the biological daughter of a homeless beggar woman. She is just one of the lucky children among those thousands who are probably lying in some corner of a city. Whenever a BMW packed up with tourists is stuck in traffic jam a very heartbreaking scene witnessed i.e. an uneven steel bowl with two or three coins on the hands of a malnourished child. Although India is a leading developing nation after China, yet the menace of child beggary is at a very high rate. The land of saints, sages and leaders is bowed down with shame with the problem of child beggary. Israelmore Ayivor has rightly stated “Begging would have been the best option if God had given talents to only a selected few. Fortunately, He gave us all our compatible gifts respectively, so it is an offence to be a chronic beggar.”[1] More than 60,000 children are extorted every year and are thrown in this wretched business of beggary. The body parts of these children are mutilated so that sympathy can be gained. As a reality show has high TRP rating for determining the success of the show, similarly a malnourished and a physically weak child is taken as a high TRP in the business of child beggary mafia’s. (more…)