Oath Taking Ceremony: A Mockery of the Constitution

By Rabia Mohamed Ismail Abdul Rahim, NUALS Kochi.

On the 18th day of May, 2018, B. S. Yeddyurappa was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. What happened after is no secret. Having sworn in, Yeddyurappa was the Chief Minister on the day of the floor test. He was also the Chief Minister when he walked out while the National Anthem was being played.

Yes, undoubtedly, the provisions of the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 will apply to this situation. But I would like to analyse this situation in light of a different fact. (more…)

Kejriwal-Jung Imbroglio

By Ravi Boolchandani, Amity Law School, Delhi.

The main reason for discord in this controversy was, who has the power to appoint and transfer the bureaucrats in Delhi? Whether the power resides with the Lt. Governor or the CM?

Both Kejriwal and Jung accused each other of exceeding their respective authorities but in order to decide the question of veracity, we have to delve into the constitutional rights granted to both the Chief Minister and the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. (more…)