The Policy Troupe: Almora Deliberation

As a developing nation, we are often grappling with myriad problems and multiple challenges that our governance structures alone aren’t equipped to resolve. This is why it becomes imperative that the citizens engage, ideate and deliberate on change that they seek, as it will not only encourage proactive citizenry but will also help attain effective and impactful solutions.

At LexQuest, a Research and Educational Organisation, based out of Delhi, we intend to stir and awaken the change seekers and change makers amongst you. Since we firmly believe that effective policy formulation is crucial to shift the paradigm, when it comes to our most ignominious failings as a nation, we are committed to facilitate the learning curve for you, as far as policy analysis, assessment and awareness is concerned. (more…)

LexQuest 3rd National Essay Writing Competition, 2017

After successfully organising the LexQuest 1st and 2nd National Essay Writing Competitions, 2014 and 2015 respectively, we proudly bring to you the LexQuest 3rd National Essay Writing Competition, 2017. One of the most diverse, populous and underdeveloped regions of the world, South Asia, constantly struggles with grotesque social and complex economic issues. The augmentation and amelioration of various civil society groups has helped in plummeting the quandary to some extent. Therefore, the theme for this year’s essay writing competition is “Role of Civil Society in the Growth Story of South Asia”. (more…)