Gandhi’s Harijans: The Misunderstood Sect

By Anmol Kaur Bawa, Symbiosis Law College, Pune.


The term “harijan” is not Gandhi’s coinage. The name was suggested by several untouchable correspondents who contended the usage of the word “asprishya” meaning literally “untouchable” in the pages of “Navjivan”.  Harijan means “man of god”. All the religions of the world describe God pre-eminently as the friend of the friendless, help of the helpless and protector of the weak; hence the word aptly demystifies the condition of the untouchables in India as the most helpless, weak and friendless men in the society and according to Gandhi, they belong to the community of untouchables. (more…)

A New Era for the Supreme Court Proceedings?

By Jhalak Nandwani, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar.

We all have watched the live streaming of sessions of the Parliament on Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV since the past 10 years. It has brought awareness amongst the common people about the functioning of Parliament, all State Assemblies and of our elected representatives as well. But have you ever thought about getting to see live streaming of Supreme Court proceedings? (more…)

Uniform Civil Code: Time to bring it into force?

By Kanishka Mishra, University of Delhi.

When Uniform Civil Code will get its flesh and blood, it will be a unified legislation combining personal laws of various communities of India and forming a singular law which would include provisions for marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, maintenance, property, succession and so on. As of now, Hindus and Muslims are governed by their respective personal laws, which though have transformed a lot after independence like abrogation of various social evils like sati, child marriage, widow re-marriage and amendment of various regressive provisions including inheritance law, but one can clearly see the backwardness and gender bias intrinsically imbibed in these and justified on the basis of religion. Today in the modern emerging economy, that India is, there is absolutely no place for these. (more…)