Development Redefined: Analysis of Kerala Development Model

By Yashika Jain, National Law University, Delhi.

“To achieve as much as Kerala has done for a population of its size is no mean record in world history.”

   —Amartya Sen

The debate on economic policy has never been as riveting as it is today, based on the choice between the two ideal models of growth as put forth by two completely different states of the nation- Kerala Development Model and Gujarat Growth Model. The Prime Minister of the nation boasts about the model of governance that he has created in his tenure as Chief Minister in Gujarat and promises to take the nation in that very direction. The Gujarat Development Model may have become the desire of a majority of India, yet, there are certain areas, which are not ready to be transformed into Gujarat and in fact hold out against it. (more…)

Real Estate Bill: A Critical Analysis

By Nayanika Tiwari, NMIMS School of Law.

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill was passed in the year 2013 by the then existing government. This Bill led to the formation of Real Estate Regulatory Authorities (RERAs).

Under this law, any residential Real Estate project has to be registered with RERA. On registering the project, the promoter has to upload all the details of the project such as site and layout of plan and date of completion etc on the website of RERA. (more…)