To Die or Not to Die, is the Question

By Pragya Dhoundiyal, Law Center-1, Faculty of Law, Delhi University.

Right to Life is a right of wide import. This right has always been a bone of contention because defining its limits and the ingredients of this particular right depends on the interpretation and understanding of life of the person who is analyzing it. (more…)

Euthanasia: A Right to Die with Dignity

By Priyanka Agrawal, Chaudhary Charan Singh University.

The phenomenal advances in medical sciences and technology have altered balance of human life and societal values. Pari-passu with these changes is the upsurge of affirmation of human rights, autonomy, and freedom of choice. These issues compel us to re-evaluate our concepts of societal, medical ethics and value systems. (more…)

Euthanasia: The Legal Aspect

By Deepshi, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar.

“Her death was the best thing that could happen to her,” cried the nation as Aruna Shanbaug finally breathed her last.  It was one rare occasion where death became a reason to rejoice. Such irony described the life of this woman who spent over four decades in vegetative state after being a victim of sexual assault in 1973.

Her death may have brought respite to those millions of hearts which bled as her pleas for death were out rightly rejected and she continued to battle her journey with pain and suffering, but has sparked off the “euthanasia” debate all over again. (more…)