Bollywood and Religious Sentiments: When a Legal Notice comes knocking

By Adv. Sanyukta Banerjie.

Nothing falls apart faster in India than roads during rain and religious sentiments during a movie release. Every other day, the dailies report yet another movie producer, director or even the actor (no seriously) grappling with a legal notice and I shake my head thinking “Ah! Well they are still being covered on Page 3. If you start featuring on Page 1 that’s when the shit’s really hit the fan *cough Padmaavati cough Padmaavat*”. (more…)

Censoring the Awareness Stretch of the Press

By Anaida Kuthiala, Army Institute of Law, Mohali.

Since the very incarnation and inception and thereafter the enforcement of the Constitution of India, and in many of the Constitutions of the world, the free citizens have been given the right to freedom of speech, which, though not specifically mentioned in the Constitution of India, is itself inculcated in the very fabric of the freedom of speech and expression1 granted by the Grundnorm of our country, the Constitution of India under Article 19, Clause 1 . (more…)