E- Governance in India

By Ankit Sharma, Siddhartha Law College, Dehradun.

Today’s world is one of transformation and revolution. Things which are not dynamic are considered as mortal. The rise of e-government has been one of the most striking developments of the web. There are many definitions so as to explain what E-governance is but the real cause of this article will get deflected if I will focus on the complexities of the terminology. It is very often seen that a government makes a policy and forgets about the implementation and execution of the policies with effective and efficient ways and measures. Feedback is a major component which is needed for better control and coordination of any policy framework or formulation which is still under a developing stage as far as the mob of India is concerned where half of the people are living in villages and literacy is an essential factor in its success. (more…)

Good Governance: The Present Scenario

By Anjali Rawat, RMLNLU, Lucknow.

Recently the term good governance has been getting much coverage in news channels and newspapers. The reason behind it is the declaration of 25th December as Good Governance Day by the Indian Government. Well, even though the attention towards this term is new but the concept of governance is not recent, it has been running throughout the very veins of human civilization. Merriam-Webster defines governance as the way that a city or company is controlled by the people who run it, but more precisely, in the current context, it refers to the process of decision making and the process by which these decisions are implemented. And the responsibility for good governance falls on the shoulders of government and the civil society. There are two kinds of governance- good governance and bad governance which sound quite basic but the difference between them makes a hell lot of difference in the functioning and development of a country. Bad governance is the reason behind all the evils which exist in a country and thus, many countries have initiated reforms toward good governance, which is said to be the bulwark of a progressive nation. (more…)