Of Law and Internships…

By Tanya Chandra, Founder, LexQuest Foundation.
Law School is a tough time for many, as my own experience along with that of those around me, has taught me that the eternal issue everyone is faced with when pursuing a degree in law is this:

How to land a good internship? With the institution I am in, will I even get the “privilege” of opportunity? In India, with the mushrooming of law schools in every nook and cranny, the question of equitable opportunities is often believed to be determined by the status of your College/University.


10 Most Important Things to be kept in mind, while undertaking a Law Firm Internship

By Mitali Karwa, O.P. Jindal Global University, Haryana.

You are a recent law school graduate with a killer cover letter, a stellar Grade Point Average (GPA) and a lot of glowing recommendations, however, if internships are missing from your resume, you might have a few extra bumps on your way!

Internships play a vital role in the life of any law student, as they not only provide you with a first-hand experience but also inculcate many values within you, which could help you in your professional as well as personal life. It is where higher education meets employment. It allows one to gain experience by working in an organisation. The duration of the internship could vary from one week of intensive work to working once a week for a year. (more…)

Rishabh Duggal v Bar Council of India: An End to the Age Limit Conundrum?

By Arifa Khan, Post Graduate College of Law, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

The Bar Council of India issued a Circular which fixes the age limit to 20 years and 45 years for 5 and 3 years Law Degree courses. The writ petition in Rishabh Duggal v. Bar Council of India was filed under Article 32 of the Constitution of India, against the said Circular No. 6 that restored Clause 28 by the Bar Council of India (BCI) which provides for a maximum age limit of 20 years and 45 years for taking admission into the 5 and 3 years Law degree course respectively. The said clause had been withdrawn by the BCI vide an earlier Resolution No. 231 in the Official Gazette; however, it was restored by Circular No. 6. (more…)

Internship Culture in India

By Mandavi Mehrotra, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow.


For all those young bloods who choose to burn the midnight oil and take internships for trade and vocational jobs, though even reluctantly when no stipends are given, serious questions of legitimacy and importance of internships/stages/work experience/industry experience pop up, especially in the Indian milieu. Interestingly, Indian culture has undergone sweeping modernization adapting to the western model of education. The long journey of the Indian educational spectrum from the Gurukul system till the present day culture featuring smart classes, practical and demonstrative pedagogy, experimentation, research and development and of course, job shadowing and internships. (more…)

Dos and Don’ts for a Law Student

By Sidharth Mohanty, University Law College, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.

Law student consults books

A law student carries some obligation on his shoulder, which includes a moral obligation towards the professors, classmates and self.

The term moral obligation has a number of meanings in moral philosophy, in religion, and in layman’s term. Generally speaking, when someone says of an act that is a “moral obligation”, they refer to a belief that the act is one prescribed by their set of values. Obligation being a set code by which a person is to follow. Moral obligation can be better understood as a course of action imposed by one’s conscience by which someone is bound or restricted. (more…)