Of Law and Internships…

By Tanya Chandra, Founder, LexQuest Foundation.
Law School is a tough time for many, as my own experience along with that of those around me, has taught me that the eternal issue everyone is faced with when pursuing a degree in law is this:

How to land a good internship? With the institution I am in, will I even get the “privilege” of opportunity? In India, with the mushrooming of law schools in every nook and cranny, the question of equitable opportunities is often believed to be determined by the status of your College/University.


10 Must-Read Books (Fiction) for Law Students and Lawyers

By Vignesh Ganesh, G.J. Advani Law College, Mumbai.

Reading being one of the best hobbies to be encouraged, especially for law students and lawyers alike; with our profession thriving on words, it comes as no surprise that there are hundreds of books out there just waiting for us to get our hands on them!

Here is a list of the must read books (fiction) for lawyers and aspiring lawyers. In case you haven’t read them so far, better HURRY! (more…)