The Rise of the Mediator and the Negotiating Lawyer

By Anthony Matthews, International Mediator, Colorado.

Around the world, disputing parties and their lawyers are realizing the value of dispute resolution achieved by dialogue and negotiation between the parties, rather than third-party adjudication by a judge or arbitrator. Mediation is a process in which such negotiations are aided by a trained, neutral facilitator. There is lately an increased interest in mediation around the globe. (more…)

Mediation in India: Practical Indepth


Mediation, one of the settlement techniques under the alternate dispute resolution, is a party-centric process wherein a neutral third person, the mediator, exercising proper techniques aids in bringing the two or more disputing parties to an agreement on the matter concerning the parties. The mediators can’t impose an outcome or decision on the parties and therefore, a mediator, per se isn’t a decision-maker.[1] (more…)