The City of Imbalance: The Burden of Population and Ecological Crisis in Mumbai

Mumbai’s urban population is fast growing and problems of water availability, waste management and congestion are going to get more complex in future. Real estate development, Airport development project, Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project, to name a few, are all meant to elevate the standard of life for an average citizen, however, their individual and collective consequences for the city’s air quality, water reserves and potential for sustainable land use draw a dismal picture. (more…)

Train Commute in Mumbai: Issues Galore

By Nayanika Tiwari, NMIMS School of Law.

Local trains form the most essential part of travel for millions. However, the train commuters in Mumbai have to face a lot of problems on a daily basis. This study attempts to understand two of these problems along with cases in detail.

  1. Overcrowding:

Currently the Mumbai Suburban Railway is suffering from Super-Dense Crush Load, which basically means that trains  are carrying more than their carrying capacity. Aggravating the situation further is the fact that,  trains on an average are more than 4 minutes apart from each other and are usually late. This causes e people to rush to catch any available train leading to further overcrowding. (more…)