Sheena Bora Murder Case: The elite society murder mystery

By Shrutika Garg, Jamnalal Bajaj School of Legal Studies, Banasthali Vidyapith.

Also known as the mother of all murder mysteries, the infamous Sheena Bora murder case came in the media’s glare and has eventually become one of the most mysterious cases in Indian history. Sheena’s alleged mother Indrani Mukherji, an Indian HR consultant and media executive, her ex- husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver Shyam Rai have been questioned for her whereabouts. The twists and turns involved in this case are nothing short of the storyline in a daily soap opera.   (more…)

Where is the Honour in Honour Killings?

By Maithili Parikh, Government Law College, Mumbai.

Since time immemorial, the two most influential institutions of the Indian society, namely, traditions and customs, and law have been at loggerheads with each other. Several of the traditionally deep-rooted Indian customs have come under the scrutiny of human rights law and constitutional law, be it sati or the caste practice of untouchability. In this conflict, the practice of honour killings has often garnered much prominence. The term honor killing, a misnomer to say the least, encompasses a wide variety of violence perpetrated by the family of the victim in order to interfere with her (or his) choice of marriage or with an aim of punishing the victim for the dishonor, the perpetrated believes the victim has brought on the family, clan or cultural group. (more…)

Culpable Homicide and Murder: An Explanation

By Ashish, Faculty of Law, The ICFAI University.

Culpable Homicide in the simplest understanding refers to taking the life of a person. The term constitutes of two words, culpable which refers to the mental element and homicide which refers to the physical element. Culpable denotes a ‘blameworthy state of mind’ and homicide refers to killing a person. Thus culpable homicide refers to taking life of another person, where the act has been done with criminal intent. (more…)

Vicky Tyagi Murder Case: An Analysis

By Anmol Sinha, Symbiosis Law School.


Murder is one of the most gruesome crimes which can be committed by a human being. It is putting an end to the life of other person and is a display of how callous a person could be. It is the most heinous crime which law of the country seeks to discourage and prevent.

But what if this crime is committed in the temple of Justice itself? What if the place of commission of the crime is none other than the court itself? What if a person is so fearless that he actually gathers up courage to execute it? (more…)