Internet Neutrality: Can India adopt it?

By Saurav Das, School of Law, Christ University.

We must thank the telecom providers where it’s due. India has developed and on the tip of its boom due to its economy, people, education above all a good communication. Use of internet has always been a priority and this priority is greatly fulfilled by the telecom providers who operate in India and give us this service. The internet service providers have, given what the people of India needed. We are the world’s 10th largest economy1 and this statement comes true because there was a backing by the internet service providers at all times we needed it. (more…)

Net Neutrality: The Free Choice Conundrum

By Rashmi Singh, ILS Law College, Pune.

‘Net Neutrality’ is the word of the hour. There has been a lot of debate on the said topic in recent times. It has probably been so much in the news that one might believe that India has had internet since at least from its independence. Online campaigns, petitions, letters, emails, etc. have been sent by numerous individuals or entities to the Government of India requesting them to allow internet to be free and accessible for everyone so as to prevent discrimination in relation to things available in the public domain. (more…)

Net Neutrality: Effect on Innovation and Competition

By Ranjana Meharda, National Law University, Jodhpur.


Nowadays, one of the most important and popularly rising topic of general interest is social networking sites.  Almost everything is now available over internet and it has become a very common and general practice for a person to look for a particular solution over there and getting satisfied with the appropriate solution.  Social networking sites are made very easy to understand so as to attract as many people as possible. (more…)

Digital India: Dawn of a New Era

By Pratishtha Sharma, Law College Dehradun.

While flipping through the messages my mobile was bombarded with, I underwent a light bulb moment when I bent my eye towards a message which confirmed my train reservation.  The neurons inside my brain went back to the long standing lines we used to undergo to get the reservation till the time I hit the reality of all the blessings digitalised world showered us with. (more…)

Net Neutrality: An Analysis

By Sania Siddiqui, Amity Law School, Jaipur.

What’s net neutrality?

It is the principle that all traffic on the Internet must be treated equally by Internet service providers. Net Neutrality is a terrible, technical sounding phrase, and suffers for the lack of an easy definition.

Until now, you and I could use the internet data we paid for, to do anything on the internet. If telephone companies get their way, they will dictate what, how and when to browse the internet. And this could happen very soon. This is really scary! (more…)