Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Episode: Business without Boundaries

By Kunika Kanodia, Delhi Metropolitan Education, GGSIPU, Delhi.

We are living in a world where there seems to be a humongous lacuna in knowledge, with relation to the use and misuse of our data, in other words, how data is made accessible and how that same data is (mis)appropriated. The lack of consumer awareness on this issue provides the companies and the governments an easy way to proceed with what they want to achieve, i.e., greater success in their respective fields of operation. The 21st century has witnessed such an explosive rise in the number of ways in which we use information that it is widely referred to as the information age. (more…)

In need of Privacy Laws in case of State Surveillance?

By Amrita Dasgupta, South Calcutta Law College.

The historic landmarks, the 2008 Mumbai terror attack and 9/11 attack, induced the governments of both the countries, India and America, to implement the state surveillance programmes. They brought with them the perks of interception of emails, text and multimedia messages, video calls, phone calls, fax messages, website visits, vehicle registration details, CDMA, GSM and 3G networks and passport data and so on to cut down the rate of aggrandizement of terrorism activities or crimes happening in India. (more…)