Fast and Accurate Reading: The Only Skill you Need for Comprehension Exercises

By Teesta Lahiri, National Law University, Odisha.

In CLAT, AILET and other law entrance examinations, the section on English has a varying weightage of 20-25% (40 out of 200 questions in CLAT, 35 out of 150 questions in AILET) which though numerically not much, often becomes the key scoring point in the paper and  creates the quintessential difference between cracking and not cracking the paper. Of course I do not mean that English is the make-it-or-break-it point in CLAT, rather being relatively easier compared to the other sections, it generally is an area where aspirants score well. But, to have an edge over the others, it is necessary that out of the allotted 120 minutes (or 90 if you are appearing for AILET) not more than 7-12 minutes be spent on English especially with complex sections like  Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning breathing fire down your neck, and also within those 7-12 minutes, you need to aim for a flawless section. (more…)