Gandhi’s Harijans: The Misunderstood Sect

By Anmol Kaur Bawa, Symbiosis Law College, Pune.


The term “harijan” is not Gandhi’s coinage. The name was suggested by several untouchable correspondents who contended the usage of the word “asprishya” meaning literally “untouchable” in the pages of “Navjivan”.  Harijan means “man of god”. All the religions of the world describe God pre-eminently as the friend of the friendless, help of the helpless and protector of the weak; hence the word aptly demystifies the condition of the untouchables in India as the most helpless, weak and friendless men in the society and according to Gandhi, they belong to the community of untouchables. (more…)

Quem retenemento-Reservation For Whom?

By Mohammad Anas, Aligarh Muslim University, Kerala.

Reservation! A debatable topic that has always been and shall always be an issue of concern in our country. This number game is harming the society more than it is benefiting us. The idea of caste based reservation system was envisioned by William Hunter and Jyotirao Phule in various forms in 1882 and implemented by Chatrapati Sahuji in 1901. The term was changed to “Depressed Class” in 1932 by Ambedkar and later to “Scheduled Caste/Tribes” during the framing of the constitution in 1950. (more…)

The Quota System: Is it abiding by the Ideals of Equality?

By Prerna Tara, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun.

India is the main vote based system on the planet that made unequivocal protected also legitimate procurements for compensatory separation, famously known as reservations, for the progression of the truly discouraged and socially retrogressive areas of the general public. It has been striving to strike a harmony between its dedication to a larger origination of equity as far as essential opportunities and the objectives of compensatory segregation for pointed out ranks and groups. For the individuals who imagined that these two goals are contradictory, India demonstrated that such a course is not just plausible, however likewise something that fortifies the popularity based procedure itself. Over a long time, it has advanced a perplexing and extensive plan of reservations. (more…)