Water Supply and Pricing in India: An Analysis

By Suhasini Srinivasan, Army Institute Of Law, Mohali.

Water Supply and price problems:

Depleting groundwater table and deteriorating groundwater quality are threatening the sustainability of both urban and rural water supply in many parts of India. The supply of cities that depend on surface water is threatened by pollution, increasing water scarcity and conflicts among users. For example, Bangalore depends to a large extent on water pumped since 1974 from the Kaveri river, whose waters are disputed between the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. As in other Indian cities, the response to water scarcity is to transfer more water over large distances at high costs. (more…)

Water Pollution: An Overview

By Amrita Dasgupta, South Calcutta Law College.

In today’s world of practicality, pollution free water is a global crisis. As the world started developing with escalation of industries, agriculture, and trade and commerce, the water throughout the world turned poisonous with the dumping of garbage, industrial chemicals, oil pollutions, etc. Not only the living organisms in water are affected by this pollution, but it is also detrimental to the health of human lives. (more…)

Water Policy in India: A Review


Water is the most precious resource on earth still it remains a myth to our existence, being one of the most abundant resources on earth but less than 1 percent of the total supply is reliably available for human consumption. Portable-water is essential for human survival but water-related illnesses are the most common health threat in the developing world. An estimated 25, 000 people die every day as a result of water-related diseases Human existence depends on water. Water interacts with solar energy to determine climate and it transforms and transports the physical and chemical substances necessary for all life on earth. Competition among agriculture, industry and cities for limited water supplies is already constraining development efforts in many countries including India. As populations expand and economies grow, the competition for limited supplies is most likely to intensify, resulting in potential conflict situation among water users in days to come. Despite shortages of water, its misuse is widespread, be it in small communities or large cities, farmers or industries, developing countries or industrialized economies everywhere the mismanagement of water resources is evident. Surface water quality is deteriorating in key basins from urban and industrial wastes.  (more…)