Analysing Death Penalty like never before: Shankar Kisanrao Khade v. State Of Maharashtra

By Sudipta Purkayastha, Gujarat National Law University.

An eleven year old girl goes missing in the middle of the day. Forty eight hours later, the strangulated body of the hapless, mentally and physically handicapped child is found in a field. She is found to have been brutally raped. What happened?

In July 2006, the young girl, staying at Gunwant Maharaj Sansthan in Lakhanwadi, was enticed away from her home by a 52 year old man, a father figure that she had perhaps trusted, and his wife. They did not have to threaten her or forcibly abduct her – the lure of mango sweets was quite enough for the unsuspecting child. (more…)

An Unmitigated Look at Death Penalty

By Swarnalee Halder, Calcutta University, Department of Law.

Yakub Memon’s execution has reignited debate on death penalty in India. There has been a huge debate around the world over the use of death penalty; whether it should exist or not. Every man has a right to live. Article 21 of the Indian constitution provides to its citizens ‘protection of life and personal liberty’. (more…)