By Anmol Sinha, Symbiosis Law School.


Murder is one of the most gruesome crimes which can be committed by a human being. It is putting an end to the life of other person and is a display of how callous a person could be. It is the most heinous crime which law of the country seeks to discourage and prevent.

But what if this crime is committed in the temple of Justice itself? What if the place of commission of the crime is none other than the court itself? What if a person is so fearless that he actually gathers up courage to execute it?

No, the above situation is not a plot of Bollywood movie. It is a something which has already happened in our country. The victim in this case was Vicky Tyagi. VT

Vicky Tyagi was an accused in Barakali murder case in 2011. In this eight members of a family were killed when the jeep in which they were travelling was hit by a truck in July 2011. Vicky was held accused for orchestrating the killings by hiring the truck driver. A trial was held for the same, and it was during this trial that he was shot down.

An armed juvenile who had entered a courtroom here masquerading as a lawyer, mortally shot Vicky Tyagi, an alleged gangster multiple times on February 16[1]

VTThe juvenile was arrested on the spot.

Tyagi’s mother lodged a case at Civil Lines police station against 11 persons, including UP STF deputy SP Anuj Kumar and Muzaffarnagar station officer Sachin Tyagi, alleging their role in the conspiracy. Vicky Tyagi was shot inside the courtroom on Sunday afternoon and a youth, who claimed to be a juvenile, was later caught with a pistol.

Tyagi’s mother Suprabha, a resident of Charthawal in Muzaffarnagar, lodged an FIR against DSP Kumar, sub-inspector Sachin Tyagi, constable Vikas posted at Mansoorpur police station and eight others, including the shooter.

Meerut Zone IG Alok Sharma said the list of accused includes Brijveer, who was in the courtroom to record his statement in the murder case in which Vicky was an accused. Others named are family and friends of Brijveer.

Brijveer is a relative of Udayvir Singh who, along with seven members of his family, was killed when the jeep in which they were travelling was hit by a truck in July 2011[2]

Pratibha Tyagi, mother of the deceased, also accused a local BJP leader Ranjan Vir Singh[3] and alleged of police conspiracy in the matter. VT

“The complainant alleged that the accused had threatened Tyagi during police custody and the murder was a conspiracy in which police was also involved, they said”[4]

Seven policemen, including one sub-inspector, who were escorting Vicky have been suspended for negligence of duty and for failing to provide him security.[5]

On February 27th a mahapanchayat was convened over his murder.

“A mahapanchayat which was convened over the murder of gangster Vicky Tyagi was today peacefully held in the district, police said.

The mahapanchayat which was held in Pawti village amid tight security, was attended by several villagers and addressed by Amrish Tyagi.

Mother of Vicky Tyagi demanded a CBI probe into the case and arrest of the three named police officials”[6]

On 4th March a Non-Bailable warrant was issued against five accused.

“Arrest warrants were issued on Wednesday against five persons, including a local BJP leader and his wife, a block pramukh, in connection with the murder of alleged gangster Vicky Tyagi.

Chief judicial magistrate Narender Kumar issued non-bailable warrants against local BJP leader and advocate Ranjanvir, his wife and block pramukh of Charthawal, Sonia, Paramvir Singh, Rajvir Singh and Virender

The investigating officer Chardevir Yadav sought non-bailable warrants against the five, saying they were evading arrest in the case”[7]

The matter is still sub-judice.

Even though, no decision has been taken on the matter, occurring of such incidents brings us face to face with an odd question, whether there is any place where crime could not be committed? Killing of a person, who is an accused in a trial in broad daylight while the court is in session seriously, undermines the effectiveness of law enforcing bodies. If a person is not safe at the place where justice is done, where is he safe?

A justification could be provided that he was a gangster and he deserved to be killed, however, that doesn’t give anyone the right to take law and order in his hands and commit a crime. If he was guilty, the courts would have eventually punished him for the same. Incidents of such gross violations of rules and regulations laid down by the government, is a matter which needs to be pondered upon seriously and something needs to be done to minimize such occurrences, before it is too late.


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