To increase youth engagement in the policy making process, The Policy Troupe transcended the length and breadth of Almora, Uttarakhand, and was exposed to real people and problems through interrogations, observations and interactions.

Amidst the picturesque landscape of Almora, lies the widely prevalent complexity of extending education for livelihood, more so, when mountains prove to be one of the most difficult terrains with limited sources of income and very few viable employment opportunities. In this regard, finding long lasting solutions to resolve the following issues, is the need of the hour:

    • How to prepare children in schools such, that they are able to acquire the skills for a sustainable source of livelihood?
    • How to cope with the perils of economic inequality and let education serve as a means to livelihood?
    • How can teachers ensure that school education can equip students to take up alternative sources of livelihood?
    • How can the problem of inaccessibility, that considerably hampers productivity in these regions, be addressed, so as to warrant improved livelihood opportunities?

Here’s the Working Document entailing the policy recommendations:

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